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Man Wakes Up In Mortuary More Than 15 Hours After Hospital Pronounced Him Dead

Resurrection? Paul Mutora regained consciousness and  began calling for help hours after having been pronounced dead 24-year-old man from central Kenya was  rushed to hospital He had drunk insecticide in an apparent  suicide attempt Pronounced dead, he was taken to the  morgue to be embalmed The anti-poison drugs may have made him  appear to have
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Woman 34 Is Jailed For 31 Years For Torturing Her 13 YEAR OLD Brother In Law

Sickening: Viviana Gunn, 34, was sentenced today to more than 31 years in prison after pleading guilty to torturing a 13-year-old boy last year with a variety of tools and methods A 34-year-old Washington woman who sadistically and systematically tortured her 13-year-old brother-in-law by beating him with a baseball bat, slicing his skin with a
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Man Commits Suicide at Mall After Girlfriend Insists on Buying More Shoes!

  Tao Hsiao reportedly leaped from a seventh floor balcony at the Golden Eagle International Shopping Center in Xuzhou, China, after a fight with his girlfriend. ‘He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes than she could wear in a lifetime and it was pointless buying any more,’ a witness said. An aggravated
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Vybz Kartel’s Lawyer Is Confident That Kartel Will Be

Missed Dahved Levy’s interview with Vybz Kartel’s lawyer Christian Tavares-Finson on Caribbean Fever? Tavares-Finson talks about many of the latest controversies surrounding the case including the prosecution’s star witness, illegal evidence and why the judge cleared the court room. Listen to the full interview below!     Kartel Murder Trial: Public Defender Subpoena To Hand
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Haitians Being Slaughtered In The Dominican Republic

  A CNN iReporter took a picture of a Haitian man tied to a tree, bloodied and beaten in the Dominican Republic. After an Out Cry of injustice, the Dominican Police claimed, quote: “He tried to rob somebody.” In the past few days, Haitians are being slaughtered and humiliated in the Dominican Republic almost on
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fisherman who survived for 60 hours in an air pocket

Fisherman was trapped for two days in the pitch dark with no food or water Harrison Okene could hear fish eating his dead colleagues in sunken ship Divers found him in an air bubble in a cabin 30 metres underwater Video shows moment Mr Okene reaches out hand and touches diver A video has captured the
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Dancing doggy

check out this dancing doggy, this dog got more moves than some people I know. (video )

Finally at peace – Nelson Mandela died at home in the company of his family

Finally at peace: Nelson Mandela died at home in the company of his third wife Graca Machel, left, (pictured with Hillary Clinton when she visited him in August last year), relations and friends   Mandela’s daughter Makaziwe Mandela-Amuah, centre, and her daughters Tukwini and Ndileka, right, are thought to have been with him at the
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Dubkore – Veranda

We have a new artist to introduce to you, his name is Dubkore he’s  backed by the Pikkihead band, this artist is preading some positive vibes in the dance-hall arena right now so check him out and show him some love;  Take a listen to one of his song:  Veranda  visit his official website

Mike Tyson Gives Evander Holyfield His Ear Back In Foot Locker Commercial

Foot Locker brings back Kyrie Irving for the Week Of Greatness, a week of the most premium shoe releases that can right all the world’s wrongs. See Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield hug it out, Dennis Rodman fly to North Korea, Brett Favre finally walk away, and Craig Sager decide to change his wardrobe.

Usain Bolt Professes His Love for Rihanna dancing!

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt couldn’t stop watching Rihanna’s mini-twerk video from the other day. The Jamaican athlete tweeted that Ri-Ri’s moves reminded him of home. Shortly after blasting that out to his fans, he continued his quest for Rihanna’s heart by professing his love for her to TMZ. Usain Bolt — the fastest man
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Woman Stabbed Boyfriend for leaving Purse unatended At A Nightclub

  Charged: Yekaterina Pusepa, 23 (pictured on the night of the alleged attack) was charged with attempted murder after stabbing her boyfriend during a brawl in their Manhattan apartment last year A 23-year-old party girl who knifed her boyfriend in their Manhattan apartment last year said the bloody brawl began with a fight over a
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Woman Is Stunned When Man Buried Alive Starts Waving His Arms Around In Grave

   A man has been rescued after being apparently buried alive at a cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A woman said she saw the soil moving while she was visiting a family tomb, before his arms emerged from the ground Woman visiting family tomb in Sao Paulo, Brazil, said she heard noises Witness then saw
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Mike Tyson On Prison Life

Mike Tyson’s life story is the gift that keeps giving. And giving. And giving. At one time he was the baddest man on the planet, a heavyweight champion who terrorized anyone who got in his way, inside the ring or out. More recently he’s unburdened himself as perhaps the most tortured soul on earth, with
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Harlem Globetrotter pulls entire backboard support down on top of himself

Bull Bullard athletically clung to the hoop during a game in Honduras The structure gave way and hit the 29-year-old player on the head   As sports go, basketball is one of the less perilous – but Harlem Globetrotter William ‘Bull’ Bullard demonstrated recently that it has its risks. He narrowly escaped with his life
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Angry elephant flips mother hippopotamus

The female hippo emerged relatively unscathed from the attack Scene was captured by wildlife photographer Rian Van Schalkwyk, 40, at the Erindi Private Game Reserve in Windhoek, Namibia   They say a mother will do anything for her child even if it means putting herself in harm’s way. In this case, a fully-grown hippopotamus was
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DanceHall artist Tommy Lee Sparta Injured In Car Crash

  “It was unfortunate but we are thankful that he only broke his right foot and get some minor cuts and bruises,” the source said. “We just want to thank all the fans for their support and want to let them know Spartan soon do road again.” “He will have to do a surgery to
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School Principal RAPES A Student In His Office While Parents Wait Outside

A former middle school principal in North Carolina is accused of sexually assaulting a student while the boy’s unsuspecting parent was outside the room. David Ellis Edwards, 49, was arrested Friday and charged with second-degree forcible sex offense, sexual acts with a student, taking indecent liberties with a minor and crimes against nature, WTVD reported.
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Opposition debates motion of no-confidence against Barbados finance minister

  The Barbados Labour Party is charging that Sinckler is out of his depth and his ill conceived economic policies have resulted in untold suffering for Barbadians.   The Opposition Barbados Labour Party(BLP), has declared that it is ready to debate a motion of no-confidence brought against Finance Minister Chris Sinckler. The party filed its
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Usain Bolt’s facing Olympic ban over dope scandal

Jamaica’s athletes, including Usain Bolt, could be banned from major events like the Olympics due to the island’s handling of recent drug scandals. (Getty Images) LONDON: Jamaica’s athletes, including sprint star Usain Bolt, could be banned from major events like the Olympics due to the island’s handling of recent drug scandals, according to Tuesday’s Daily
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