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Dancehall Reggae artist Warrface – Women are empress

WARRFACE : Listen to  “Women Are Empress” this song is also available for  purchase, right from the music player, with instant download after payment. | Warrface official website  | Instagram:  Follow Warrface On Instagram  

Listen “So call friend” – by Warrface

Listen dancehall Hip hop artist, Warrface track called “So Call Friend” if you ever had the displeasure of dealing with “Fake Friends” then you can surely relate to this dancehall track, take a listen below, share it, repost it, spread it, tell your friends to listen, any help spreading it is appreciated, thanks…  Click link
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Invincible armor – this is warrface remix – new music

#Invinciblearmor one of the wickedest #karate #movie ever made, the grey hair fox challenge them to find his weakness, only then can they defeat him… #kunfu #thisiswarrface #dancehall #hiphop #justwatch #warr #noweakness #bodyarmor #speeding #bullet #nosah #funnyaf 🎶🎶🎶 #never #gonna #stop #silvafox #kickas A video posted by WARRFACE… (@warrface) on Jan 16, 2017 at 1:17am
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Dubkore – Veranda

We have a new artist to introduce to you, his name is Dubkore he’s  backed by the Pikkihead band, this artist is preading some positive vibes in the dance-hall arena right now so check him out and show him some love;  Take a listen to one of his song:  Veranda  visit his official website