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  • WTF
    Man Urinates on Woman as She Rides NYC Subway

    The woman was listening to music with her eyes closed while on the J train on Thursday at about 2 am  Felt a liquid spray on her face before realizing a man was urinating on her face The unrestrained culprit was last seen wearing a red shirt and black pants   A woman riding the subway […]

  • WTF
    Bad Hot Dog – Restaurant Employee Disgusting Behavior

    This is one of the main reason I don’t eat out at these restaurants, you’ll never know what the hell those disgruntle employees  feeding you, learn to cook at your home, then you wont deal with stuff like this, very disgusting…  Waitress is coming under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, for being caught DISRESPECTING THE HELL out of […]

  • WTF
    15-inch Monster Rat Terrorises Family (picture)

    +3 Ratigan: The gigantic rat measured 15in from nose to the base of its tail, and made its way into the flat in north Stockholm by chewing through the wall A 15-inch ‘Viking rat’ caught in a suburb to the Swedish capital Family got suspicious when their cat refused to go into the kitchen Giant […]

  • WTF
    Harlem Globetrotter pulls entire backboard support down on top of himself

    Bull Bullard athletically clung to the hoop during a game in Honduras The structure gave way and hit the 29-year-old player on the head   As sports go, basketball is one of the less perilous – but Harlem Globetrotter William ‘Bull’ Bullard demonstrated recently that it has its risks. He narrowly escaped with his life […]

  • jailed for a year for injecting women with super glue and tire sealant

    Oneal Ron Morris, 30, from Florida, today accepted the plea deal of 366 days in prison for one count of the illegal practice of healthcare. She pleaded guilty to illegally injecting a number of women in the derriere with superglue and tire sealant.   A transgender woman known as ‘The Duchess’ will spend a year […]

  • WTF
    Man Hid Cell Phone Under Dog Food To Record Under Womens Skirts

      Man hid phone under dog food to record up-skirt shots of women shopping at Target Man pretends he is shopping but instead carefully places smartphone on bag of dog food Closely follows woman around store to try and film up her skirt Woman seemed unaware she was being filmed By Daily Mail Reporter   […]

  • WTF
    Newlywed wife pushed her husband off a CLIFF

    Jordan Linn Graham, 22, of Montana, told  the FBI that she and her husband, 25-year-old Cody Lee Johnson, had been arguing  on July 7 as they walked in Glacier National Park Graham said Johnson grabbed her arm, then  she turned around and ‘pushed Johnson with both hands in the back, and as a  result, he […]

  • WTF
    Country Musician – Tried To Have SEX With 7 And 9 Year Old Girls

    Guilty: Abe Spear pleaded guilty to trying to convince a mother let him have sex with her 2 young daughters and has been sentenced to 17 years in prison A country musician has been sentenced to 17 years in prison after pleading guilty to trying to have sex with a woman’s seven and nine-year-old daughters. […]

  • Woman Sues, After Mustache And Teardrop Stickers was placed on her face During Surgery

    Cruel joke: Veronica Valdez, 36, had her face decorated with stickers by her anesthesiologist to make it look like she has a mustache and teardrops while she was unconscious during surgery A woman undergoing a minor surgery at a Southern California hospital was shocked to discover that her anesthesiologist decorated her face with stickers while […]

  • Sex Attacker raped woman for NINE HOURS

    Scroll down for video Moment the abuse began: Lloyd Phillips, 48, drugged the 22-year-old and put her into a wheelchair before raping her at a hotel near Wembley Stadium – he is now beginning an 11-year jail term A businessman who told a woman he was taking her to a Saturdays concert instead drugged her, […]

  • “Blood Cupping” Chinese Tradition To Release Toxins

    This image shows a traditional Chinese art called “cupping”, in which a cup is placed on the skin, and sucks any toxins and badness from inside the body. This image shows a man getting it performed on top of his head, and as you can see, the cups are filled with the dark bloody substance. […]

  • Say what
    Reasons Why Women Really Cheat

    As much as men cheat, women are just as guilty. All the stereotype theories as to why women cheat have been heard before however here are the ladies who give us their reasons. Psychologist Thato says reasons for both men and women cheating boils down to a lack of backbone. “Women cheat for the same […]

  • WTF
    Husband Acquitted For Shooting Dead Wife Young Lover

    By Michael Zennie and Snejana Farberov PUBLISHED: 08:38 EST, 31 May 2013 | UPDATED: 09:16 EST, 31 May 2013 A jury in Florida has acquitted a 70-year-old Vietnam War veteran accused of shooting dead an actor half his age whom he caught having sex with his wife in the couple’s home. It took the jurors […]

  • world news
    Chinese Baby Flushed Down The Toilet!

    Baby 59¿s condition was said to be stable and he should recover, but his discovery – head first in a toilet waste pipe – has succeeded in outraging a country in which brutal acts against youngsters are a common occurrence The mother of the Chinese new-born found trapped in a sewer pipe claimed she fell […]

  • Rat meat sold as lamb?

    Rat meat sold as lamb in latest China food safety scandal; top court beefs up food safety laws Associated Press – 13 minutes ago Yahoo! Finance/AP Photo/Larry Crowe – Lamb Kebabs are seen in this Tuesday, June 17, 2008 photo. Lamb is a popular dish in the western China region of Xinjiang, which is predominantly Muslim. Spices […]

  • Carjacked By Her Date

       Nimeha Milien, left, says she had never meet Donald  McGee, 19, before their date on Friday evening which ended when he stole her car  at gunpoint   Donald Bernard McGee Jr., 19, is accused of pulling a gun on a woman and stealing her car after the two went on a date on Friday. […]

  • Escort charged with Biting Mans Penis

    Priscilla Vaughn, 29, was naked and drippping with blood when deputies arrested her early Tuesday, according to their report. By Michael Walsh Saturday, March 23, 2013, 10:26 AM Orange County Jail Meet the date from hell: Cops say Priscilla Vaughn, 29, bit a man’s genitals so badly he needed surgery, and she has now been […]

  • Young woman in northern India with five husbands who are brothers

    Brothers Sant Ram Verma, Bajju Verma, Gopal Verma, Guddu Verma and Dinesh Verma with their wife Rajo Verma and her 18-month-old son. She is unsure which brother is the father. A young woman in northern India is taking brotherly love to a new level. Rajo Verma has five husbands who are all brothers – and she sleeps […]

  • Eye Ball Tattoos The New Trend In DanceHall!

    All I have to say is: are people these days so F@#$ing stupid!!!These kids need better roll models to follow and look up to other than these no sense artist floating around. JUST MY ONECENT Kids don’t try this at home, or anywhere else for goodness sake. Face tattoos were so yesterday. Today the new trend in […]

  • Butt Implants Gone Horribly Wrong

    Some ladies will go to great lengths for beauty,  many will even get cosmetic surgery,  that sometime don’t turn out so well,  as seen in the pictures below.                  

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