Keith ”Anthony B” Blair was arrested in Atlanta Georgia on January 27,2013 along with nine others on charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. It is said that the Perry police,  during a routine traffic stop on Interstate 75, stopped the passenger van the men were travelling in, for a window tint violation. While investigating the tint on the windows , the police was said the have encountered a strong odour of marijuana. A search was carried out and five ounces of marijuana along with $7,900.00 in cash was recovered.

Lorne W. Gordon, 45, of Pembroke Pines, FL Keith Blair, 35, of Miami, FL Howard Smith, 36, of Orlando, FL Dave Richards, 31, of Miami, FL Duwayne R. Hoilett Sr., 46, of Vero Beach, FL Fitz Livermore, 50, of May Pen, Jamaica Fabian Anthony Smith, 45, of Jamaica Jason Anthony Garcia, 26, of Coral Springs, FL Omar William Glenn, 26, of Carambola Circle N, Coconut Creek, FL The suspects are being held in the Houston County jail. Garcia is also charged with crossing the guard line with contraband. Glenn is also charged with a window tint violation.

. According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Georgia has extremely tough penalties for ganja— possession of anything more than an ounce is considered a felony under Georgia state law. The artist had been scheduled to perform an acoustic set in Brooklyn this week at One Mic but now there’s no telling when his fans might get to see him perform. Anthony B first rose to prominence in 1996 on the strength of his smash hit “Fire Pon Rome.” His debut album So Many Things… established him as one of dancehall’s leading cultural DJs, renowned for his conscious lyrics and dynamic stage performance.


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