Do more to fight violence against women’ — female entertainers

Posted by admin on March 8, 2017 in Caribbean news, Social

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day today, female entertainers are calling on Jamaican women to speak out against gender-based violence.
They are also calling on their fellow entertainers to use their voices to advocate against the growing number of murders involving women.
Macka Diamond told THE STAR that she will be releasing a song on domestic abuse, but explains that aside from releasing songs, entertainers particularly females need to do more.

A survivor

“Honestly, I don’t think we use our voices enough, but I hope we will begin to do more soon,” she said. “I am really against it, because at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to see my sister or any other female close to me being beaten and abused.”
Her sentiments were shared by artiste manager, Shelly-Ann Curran, a survivor of domestic violence. Curran saluted industry players who support women facing abuse. But she believes too few women of power are actively involved in the fight against violence against women.
“It’s unfortunate because women in certain abusive relationships need someone to look up to for strength. So many things can be done. I find for myself, mentoring women in crisis, using my own experience to show them that they are not alone, helps to connect to their soul. It also helps me to complete my own healing, and if I inspire one person, I would be happy,” she said.

Inspiring people

D’Angel also believes that more entertainers should be about action and not just music. She told THE STAR that while music can be a tool for inspiring people in its own right, artistes need to do more.
“I have been an advocate for women since I did my song Stronger. That song was a true story. I was talking about things that happened in my life and how I got over them and how they made me stronger. I know that song inspired a lot of women to get out of relationships and situations that werenít working out, and so I know just how much music can help people in situations like these,” she said.
D’Angel noted that she has a campaign called ‘We Can Survive’ that emanated from the issue of violence against women.
“I want women to know that they are strong and that they can overcome anything. I am planning to take the campaign across the island. I will be partnering with a fashion designer to produce some T-shirts for the campaign,” she said.
D’Angel said the T-shirts will be sold and part proceeds will go to a crisis centre in Spanish Town.


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