Foxy Brown Pokes Fun At Remy Ma’s Miscarriage In New Diss Record – Breaks Over (Audio)

Posted by admin on March 6, 2017 in Celebrity News

“I guess this is what I gotta do to make ya’ll spit…,” Remy Ma raps in her follow up Nicki Minaj diss track “Another One” … and, she’s right! We already heard Da Brat and Lil’ Kim’s thoughts on Remy’s “SHETHER” diss, but guess who is now crawling out of the woodwork … Foxy Brown!

The 38-year-old rapper – who just recently gave birth to a baby girl – released a diss aimed at her longtime enemy, Remy, entitled “Break’s Over” (a snippet of the upcoming diss is now online and posted below). Kudos to #RemyMa for bringing female rappers to the forefront again! 👏👏👏

Remy Ma referenced past reports of Foxy experiencing hearing trouble. “Talking shit about me to a deaf bitch/And usually I have sympathy for the impaired,”

Remy Ma raps in “SHETER.” “But not when you hard of hearin’ from untreated gonorrhea.”

Kidz Bop rapper Nicki has yet to respond to Remy with bars of her own so now Foxy is doing the job for her!

Foxy also brought up Remy’s miscarriage in her diss record. Ouch!

Check out a snippet of Foxy’s “Breaks Over” below:


listen SHEther below


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