Ninja Man “RESPONDS” To Richie Feelings Calling Him Camel

Posted by admin on March 13, 2017 in Celebrity News

The Original Front Teeth Gold Teeth, Don Gorgon himself  Ninja Man, has responded to Richie Feelings who re-posted a meme that was circulating on social media of a Camel that was said to resembled Ninja Man, Ninja Man respond by calling Richie Feelings “Wicked Feeling” lol

Ninja also stated that he could have went on the internet along time ago and find a Elephant and said it was Richie Feelings, haha, he also stated that he’s going to look for something  to return the joke on Richie Feelings,  we looking forward to seeing what Ninja Man come back with, lol  anyway all this is done in good humor;

Because the two men are good friends, as Ninja said “the greatest thing, we can sit down and make people have a good time, and laugh about it”  this is how grown people so-pose to act, no fighting over silly stuff, so big up Ninja Man and Richie Feeling…

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