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Rest in peace Eddie Fitzroy – gone too soon – Eddie Fitzroy dead at 61

our condolence goes out to the family and friends of the great Edie Fitzroy, he was a true icon in the reggae business, KDC…

Condolences continue to pour into IRIE FM for roots singer Edi Fitzroy, who died Saturday at the May Pen Hospital in his native Clarendon.

The cause of death is still not known. However, Music News understands that the veteran singer had recently taken ill.

Eddie Fitzroy was last on IRIE FM on March 23, 2016, where he did a live in-studio interview with Mutabaruka on the Cutting Edge.

Born Fitzroy Edwards, Eddie Fitzroy broke through in 1978 with the song Miss Molly Colly. At the time, he was an accountant at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation.

He was best known for songs such as “Check for you Once”, “Youthman Penitentiary”, “First Class Citizen” and “Princess Black” among others.

Eddie Fitzroy was 61-years-old.

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