Samuda pays for Mombasa grass

Posted by admin on May 18, 2017 in Caribbean news

Agriculture minister Karl Samuda has shelled out more than half a million dollars to pay for the 14 acres of Mombasa grass that have been planted at his farm in Knollis, St. Catherine.

“I have here a receipt for $546,000 paid by certified cheque in favour of the account of the Jamaica Dairy Development Board,” Samuda said in parliament today.

Opposition Member of Parliament Dr Dayton Campbell said in parliament last week that the minister, who is a dairy farmer, has benefited from the establishment of a 15-acre demonstration plot of the dairy feeding grass on his personal property.

However, Samuda said that at no point did he use his position as a Minister to benefit from this programme as from the programme.

“I insisted that a bill be sent to me for all charges associated with the exercise,” Samuda said.


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