Son uses hammer to smash father’s casket – Claims he didn’t give permission for burial

Posted by admin on February 14, 2017 in Caribbean news

You can’t make these things up, this allegedly happen in jamaica so be mindful of the language, just read for yourself.

There was high drama at a funeral in St Thomas on the weekend when the son of the deceased man smashed the closed casket saying that he did not give them permission for his father to be buried.

THE STAR was told by a member of the Airy Castle community, where the incident occurred, that the son went for a sledgehammer and smashed the coffin opened, requesting to see the remains of his father Cecil Elijah Thomas.

“The son go up a him yard fi a sledgehammer, and come back and start to beat the casket, mashing it up,” a resident, who asked for anonymity, said. “And after that, then the whole family started to fight.”

The resident said that the funeral continued, but when it was time for the burial, the body was taken back to Edna’s Funeral Supplies & Services Ltd, the funeral home that conducted the service.

When THE STAR reached out to the operator of the funeral home to find out why the burial was suspended, she said she did not wish to comment on the matter.

THE STAR understands that there are rumours that Thomas died under questionable circumstances, but the St Thomas police said that the customary investigations the police carry out when a person dies did not corroborate those claims.

Thomas died on December 22 last year at the Princess Margaret Hospital.



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