Stop Order On Tommy Lee Sparta Lifted

Posted by admin on February 28, 2017 in Celebrity News

 A stop order against dancehall entertainer Tommy Lee has been temporarily lifted.

A stop order was placed on the entertainer following the charges relating to a lottery scam, which prevented him from applying for a passport.

An appeal made by Tommy Lee’s lawyer stating that he needs a passport to embark on a European tour was successful after a high court judge in her ruling suspended the stop order.

The stop order has been suspended effective immediately and remains in place until March 13. Under the judge’s order this means Tommy Lee must apply for his passport by Wednesday March 3, and turn it over to the court by Friday March 10.

Tommy Lee, has been grounded since the charges first arose in February 2014, and had not been able to apply for a Jamaican passport after immigration officials informed him that he needed a court order to apply.

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