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  • Celebrity News
    Ninja Man “RESPONDS” To Richie Feelings Calling Him Camel

    The Original Front Teeth Gold Teeth, Don Gorgon himself  Ninja Man, has responded to Richie Feelings who re-posted a meme that was circulating on social media of a Camel that was said to resembled Ninja Man, Ninja Man respond by calling Richie Feelings “Wicked Feeling” lol Ninja also stated that he could have went on […]

  • Celebrity News
    Did Vybz Kartel Paid Ninja Man $3 Million To Squash Beef

    According to the Don Gorgon, Vybz Kartel had paid him Ninja Man $3 million to squash their beef, In one of his recent Vlogs, Ninja Man made a revelation that Vybz Kartel and his associates had to dip in their pockets and fork over $3 million for leaving him with a bloody nose during a […]

  • Caribbean news
    Ninja Man Is Free To Travel

    Ninja Man has gotten the green light to travel to other Caribbean islands. The veteran dancehall deejay, who got his passport Tuesday, flew to Trinidad where he’s doing ground work for an upcoming charity project to minimize crime and violence in the country. Ninja Man gives Music News the details. Ninja Man has been making […]

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