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Rihanna Enjoys Music and Family Time at Coachella in Style

Rihanna Smashes Elvis Presley Record MORE… Rihanna Covers Paper Magazine (Pics) RIHANNA NOW HAS MORE TOP 5 HITS THAN THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL EVER HAD. Barbados’ pop princess Rihanna has work, work, work, work, worked her way up to yet another record in the music industry. This time, with “Love on the Brain,”
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Fans Throw Food At Rihanna + New Gray Hair Do

  Lord knows — and we do too — Rihanna has thrown more than her share of shade ever since Twitter was born and now it seems she’s getting some of that karma tossed back in her direction, literally. During her recent performance in Manchester, a fan (or maybe two) of Ri Ri’s got a
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Rihanna Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Sometimes, fans get too close for comfort. Rihanna got a restraining order this week against a crazed fan that broke into her neighbor’s home, thinking it was hers. The stalker, Steveland Barrow, allegedly slept in a bed he thought belonged to the pop star and stole property from the residence. A judge issued a temporary
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