Usain Bolt Professes His Love for Rihanna dancing!

Posted by admin on November 23, 2013 in Celebrity News

Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt couldn’t stop watching Rihanna’s mini-twerk video from the other day. The Jamaican athlete tweeted that Ri-Ri’s moves reminded him of home.


Shortly after blasting that out to his fans, he continued his quest for Rihanna’s heart by professing his love for her to TMZ.

Usain Bolt — the fastest man on the planet — is chasing HARD after Rihanna … telling TMZ Sports he’s straight up IN LOVE with the singer and wants to get together ASAP.

Bolt made his intentions clear after Rihanna posted an ass-jiggling dance video this week — when he tweeted at the singer, “I clearly am in love frm this dancing.”

He added, “If ur not Caribbean u may not understand. #sexy #seriousface #inlove #needherinmylife #now.”

So when we saw the Jamaican superstar in L.A. this week — we asked if he had a message for RiRi … and the guy used the opportunity to officially begin his courtship.


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