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Started by KDC, Sep 03, 2023, 06:30 PM

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Blessings, I've been dealing with life while working on a few project lately and one of them is the new "Warrface Instrumental" lofi album; produced by myself.
The album includes 11 uniquely designed lofi inspired instrumentals.

Honestly, I'm ecstatically elated about this project; Because it's another first for me as a producer; It's like my first baby lol so please show it some love guys.

The Warrface Instrumental album is now available for purchase or streaming on all major streaming platforms and social media sites.

Please give it a listen and add a track or two to your playlist
I will really appreciate it; Thank you greatly.

The album is also available to be use on social media posting! on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
Just search "Warrface Instrumental" and choose a track to use with your uploaded video or picture; I appreciate all the support.

Please don't forget to like, follow and share; I appreciate it.

I think I've taking up way too much of your time now lol
So until next time.

I Love n respect you.

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